Home Technology can be daunting to a lot of people and we get asked a multiple of questions every other day. Which is great because it shows people are genuinely interested in our products and services. To help out a little we have listed just a few of the things we get asked.

How much does this cost?

This has to be the question we get asked most and thats why we made it our first one. The answer is simple though..... Most systems we install are different as most properties are different. Not only that, we would like to think each system has a personal touch to it also due to the clients requirements. We have however put together a few options over in our shop for people to get a rough idea.

I am building a new property and would like some of your products in our home, when do you need access to the property?

Time and time again we get contacted by customers who have just built their dream home and now want to add a Control4 system into it. To simplify things we say to the customer we should be in at the wiring stage of the project, working with or alongside our electricians. This way nothing gets missed and you can get the full benefits of your system.

My property is completed, can we still add smart lighting?

Control4 offer a smart lighting solution for finished properties when running new cabling is not possible.

I only have a small room but I would like a home cinema with a big screen. Can you tell me if it is possible?

We offer cinema solutions for every room type and size. It could be a projector that lifts away into the ceiling when not in use or a projector that sits on a unit only 6 inches away from the screen. We have many examples of these in our store.

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