Media Room Installers.

Media Room Installers

Create an immersive experience with a media room that combines luxurious comfort and cutting-edge technology.

Media rooms

Transform a spare room, garage or living room into a dedicated media room, blending technology and comfort to create the ultimate entertainment space.

Our media room installers can transform an ordinary space into a bespoke media hub for movies, music, and gaming.

Media room installers throughout the UK.

Bespoke media room installation

Step into the future of home entertainment with our media room installation services.

Our unique and personalised media room installations provide an unparalleled home entertainment experience in a comfortable and relaxed setting.

Enjoy movies the way they are meant to be watched, with a big screen, the best video equipment and rich sound to deliver a movie-watching experience that feels truly luxurious.

When you watch sports, you’ll feel like you are there. Experience gaming at its best with high frame rates and low latency, and better appreciate music with the latest audio technology.

Media room installers throughout the UK

From the point of concept to completion, we guarantee meticulous attention to detail and a media room design service tailored to your unique preferences and budget. Every element, from acoustics to aesthetics, works harmoniously to deliver an immersive media space.

We provide our clients with a comprehensive turn-key solution that includes every aspect of design and construction with custom interiors, furniture, audio-visual equipment, lighting and soundproofing.

Decades of experience

As one of the leading media room installation companies, our team has over two decades of experience designing and creating luxurious, cutting-edge home cinemas and media rooms that add value to your property.

We can work with you on the project or work closely with interior designers, architects and contractors to design and install your dream media room or cinema room.

Family media room.

Captivating home cinema design

A dedicated home cinema is the centrepiece of a modern smart home, with a dedicated home cinema system exclusively for movies, TV shows, and streaming.

We combine state-of-the-art cinema room technology, acoustic panels, surround sound systems and intelligent lighting control to create an authentic cinematic experience.

Our home cinema design process carefully considers audio-visual equipment, acoustics, seating, lighting, and decor. This allows us to create a home cinema system that suits your room type, size, requirements, and budget.

Learn more about our home cinemas or contact our team to see how we can bring your home cinema project to life.

Captivating home cinema design.

Media room design and installation

Media rooms are expertly crafted to suit any requirement, whether a cosy family room or a sophisticated space for hosting guests.

Strategic placement and calibration of audio-visual equipment are crucial in any living space as it affects both the aesthetics of the room and the overall experience.

You’ll experience the best seat in the house no matter where you sit, with crystal-clear visuals and rich, enveloping sound.

Multi-use rooms

Your media room should be a sanctuary combining technology and aesthetics to create an immersive environment for enjoying activities with family and friends.

Whether you want a home cinema, games room, somewhere to support your football team or just a den to listen to music, we can craft the entertainment space you’ve always dreamed of.

Uninterrupted entertainment requires a reliable home network. We’ll add the right hardware and software to support high-performance gaming and streaming online video content and music without lag time for buffering.

Movie nights on the big screen

Experience the magic of cinema with the latest visual hardware for a truly immersive luxury experience.

Our media rooms incorporate a large format display or a motorised drop-down projector screen so you can fully appreciate the incredible clarity of modern films.

We can install features like digital media walls and TVs flush against the wall to fit your decor.

There are various screen sizes, resolutions, and styles available to choose from that can be tailored to meet your needs.

Online gaming and arcade rooms

Let our team envisage a dedicated games room with the latest consoles and install a network that provides high bandwidth and low latency.

Quality surround sound

A media room demands good audio. Rooms with poor sound absorption create echoes that blend or muffle audio channels.

Expect expertly positioned in-ceiling speakers and surround sound systems with Dolby Atmos surround sound.

Our acoustic panels, fabrics, and wall treatments create the perfect atmosphere while soundproofing your room.

Sophisticated lighting to set the mood

Whether you prefer a coffered ceiling with customised LED lighting, recessed lights, or ambient lighting, we can provide the perfect lighting solution suited to your needs.

Task lamps placed next to seating and floor lighting can create that cinematic atmosphere we’re all familiar with.

Scene control with LED lighting instantly transforms a room’s atmosphere with its adjustable colour and brightness settings. You can even turn off or dim lights.

This can all be controlled by voice, touchscreens, wall panels, remote control or switches.

Comfort and ambience

Comfort is crucial in a media room or home cinema. We address every detail, including cosy ergonomic seating options with customisable cinema seat or sofa configurations, gaming chairs, reclining options and ambient lighting.

Fully automated smart home technology

Smart home automation lets you set the perfect mood for the room’s use. The system enables easy audio, video, and lighting control, providing a seamless and user-friendly experience.

With the touch of a button or a voice command, users can turn on the projector, lower the screen, adjust the ambient lighting, increase the volume, and enjoy their movie.

Set routines alongside custom light scenes enhance the movie, audio or gaming experience.

We can add your media room or home cinema room to your existing smart home setup or set up a brand-new system.

Our work can extend beyond the media room, offering multi-room audio and visual experiences that allow for seamlessly integrated entertainment throughout your home.

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