New build smart home.

New Build Smart Home

If you’re building a new house, make it a smart home with the latest technology.

Customised smart home installations.

Make your newly built home the ultimate smart home

If you’re building a new home from scratch, consider smart home tech during its construction for a truly connected home.

A smart home ensures all your appliances and devices work together to carry out tasks and help around your home, from thermostats and lights to cameras, smart locks, and plugs.

Integrating smart technology from the start allows for complete automation, avoiding the need for future upgrades.

What is a smart home?

Smart homes can be controlled from anywhere using your voice or smartphone. Routinely automate tasks to make your house comfortable, secure and energy efficient.

Smart homes offer peace of mind, simplify your daily routine and make life easier.

If you plan to build a new home, why not make it smart so you can control every aspect of your home and futureproof it for years to come?

Smart homes offer convenience and energy efficiency.

The possibilities are endless

Imagine entering a room where lights turn on, and the temperature adjusts automatically.

With just a touch or using voice control, adjust your blinds or dim lights, set the thermostat, play music and lock doors.

Use smart cameras to monitor activity when you’re not home and activate lights and shades if movement is detected to make it look like your home is always occupied.

Control4 home automation.

Smart home design and planning

While there’s nothing wrong with converting an existing home to a smart home, we can pre-install proper wiring in new builds without needing significant alterations.

When building a new home, it’s easier to plan for smart technology than retrofitting existing homes because all wiring and electrical work can be considered at the beginning of the project.

This makes it less expensive as you don’t need to open up existing walls for new wiring.

We’ll plan and install wiring and access points before major construction so you have cutting-edge technology in your home from the day you move in.

Wireless smart blind.

Working together with builders

We collaborate with builders, architects, interior designers, and developers to plan and design a smart new home system to your specifications.

Why should a new build consider smart home technology?

A smart home lets you connect devices to each other to control them remotely or work together to carry out automated tasks.

AV setup.

Remote control

Control all aspects of your home wherever you are, from lights and heating to cameras, speakers, locks, and blinds, without opening multiple apps.

Take command of your home with an intuitive interface on your mobile device or voice, touch screen or remote.

Home automation

Smart technology lets you create routines that trigger multiple actions throughout your home.

Turn off heating and lights when leaving for work, set the mood for movie night, or trigger lights, shades and other devices at a certain time or when motion is detected.

Make life easier

Why carry out laborious tasks when they can be automated? Set routines for blinds, robot vacuum cleaners, lawnmowers and smart pet feeders.

Fingerprint and phone-activated smart locks eliminate the need for physical keys that can be forgotten or misplaced. Use cameras to alert you when someone is at the front door.

Control your TV and smart speaker with voice commands and open or close blinds automatically.

Save energy

A smart home can adjust lighting, heating and cooling when you are not using it, saving you money on energy bills.


Home automation improves home security by using geofencing and mimicking your routine to make it look like someone is always home.

For example, you could initiate a routine that arms your security system, switches lights on and off, and turns on smart home devices like your television throughout the day.

Cameras can detect motion or noise and alert you on your phone.

Increase your property’s value

Smart wiring can boost your home’s value. It futureproofs your home and provides a unique selling point to potential buyers.

Smart home technology features

Some essential smart home features include:

Smart thermostats

Use a smart thermostat to automatically adjust the temperature based on your schedule or the time of day.

Smart lighting

Smart lighting lets you adjust the ambience of any room with customisable brightness and colours and control it using pre-set routines or motion sensors.

Smart switches

A smart switch replaces a traditional light switch, allowing you to control your lights through a compatible smartphone or tablet.

Smart plugs

Smart plugs allow you to easily transform ordinary devices like lamps, heaters, and fans into smart devices by simply plugging them in.

Smart alarms

Smart smoke alarms can send real-time alerts to other devices and communicate with them in an emergency while also performing automatic maintenance and checks.

Smart doorbells

Doorbell cameras and intercoms record movement and alert you with a live video feed when someone rings the bell. You can see the person, talk to them, and unlock your door via phone or tablet.

Smart sensors

Automated responses can be activated in your smart home using sensors. These sensors detect movement and can trigger a variety of actions.

Examples include turning lights on or off when someone enters or leaves the room, setting the room’s temperature, and unlocking your door when your camera recognises you.

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