Grandview Cyber Tab Tensioned Acoustic Screen 16:9


The acoustic material on our Tab Tension screens is designed to let the sound from speakers mounted behind the screen through to the audience with the minimum of interference to sound or picture quality.


It is not only pulled down by the weight of the bar but also from the left and right side by a Nylon string. The string is periodically connected to the material via small “Tabs”, hence the name Tab Tension. Unlike a standard screen, a Tab Tension screen has a flexible material so that it can be pulled taught from all sides. The Grandview Cyber screens have a unique ratchet mechanism at each end of weighted bar so that the tensioning strings can be easily adjusted. The US made material is optimised for home cinema use, producing a high contrast and uniform reflectivity.  

Tab Tensioned Acoustic 16:9 Specifications
screen size – 7 ft Diagonal Viewable: 92″
Viewable Size (mm): 2030 x 1145
Case Dimensions (mm): 2523 x 143 x 135
screen size – 8 ft Diagnol Viewable: 106″
Viewable Size (mm): 2340 x 1320
Case Dimensions (mm): 2834 x 143 x 135
SCREEN SIZE – 9 FT Diagonal Viewable: 120″
Viewable Size: (mm) 2656 x 1494
Case Dimensions (mm): 3144 x 143 x 135

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