HDANYWHERE – MHUB PRO 2.0 (8×8) V&A Bundle


HDANYWHERE now provides several new MHUB PRO 2.0 video and audio (V&A) bundle packages, which are designed to allow customers to purchase a complete centralised whole-home entertainment system at a discounted price compared with buying the matrix switcher and amp(s) separately.


Designed for uncompromising AV professionals who don’t have time to find workarounds or accept compromise. With perfect-plug-n-play, MHUB PRO 2.0 is next-level matrixing. MHUB AUDIO is a 6×4 matrix-amp with DSP EQ, dedicated sub outs and integrated 110 watt amplifiers. Designed and built in Worcestershire, HDA’s first endeavour into the world of multiroom audio and high quality sound. Designed to be an easy and seamless companion to any MHUB PRO HDMI distribution system, and which integrates automatically within uControl.

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