Ultra Short Throw Bundle – Electric Screen


Complete projector and screen package to convert that boring old tv room. The beauty of these setups is the projector literally sits inches away from the screen.


This package will give you the screen that everybody is talking about….. the electric floor rising ambient light rejecting screen. Throw into the mix a Vava 4K ultra short throw projector and you have…. wow!

Vividstorm 120 inch S Pro Tension Floor Rising UST Screen

The Best Choice for Ultra-short Throw Laser projectors

The screen has a special optical sawtooth structure and a light-rejecting filter to give a stunning performance in ambient light, especially the bright light from above the projector screen. Images are reproduced without the hot-spotting of other screens that rely on high gain to overcome ambient light. Adaption Ultrashort throw laser projector.

The UST Laser projector projects a picture from the bottom. because the ultra-short focus ambient light rejecting screen material use a special optical serrated structure and a light suppression fitter.The picture projected by the projector projects directly onto the special light plate. Reflected in the eyes of the viewer, this screen is more manipulative than the ordinary diffuse screen accurate control of the projector.

Unlike the traditional projection screen, UST ALR material is able to present the image under bright light. It has removed foggy phenomenon, with a nearly perfect viewing cone of 170 degrees, our UST ALR material is capable of being viewed from extreme off-axis positions.

Even if you have watched for a long time, your eyes will not feel tired. This makes it perfect for commercial environments, large living and family rooms, and everything in between.

A free-standing projector screen is an ideal solution when wall or ceiling installations are impractical for the common roll up projector screen.

It is the perfect match for Ultra short throw Laser projectors.

VAVA – 4K UHD Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector

Immerse yourself in your favorite shows, movies and games, wire free and obstruction free.

VAVA’s 0.233:1 throw rate projects epic visuals from a much narrower proximity, easily adjusting the projection between 80”-150” from just 7.2” away from the wall.

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