Control4 Smart Home

Job Specification

Type of Project:
Smart Home Installation New Build House

Newton Mearns, Glasgow

Smart Home

Full Control4 system

With our team of experienced engineers we managed to install a full Control4 system that incorporates lighting, audio, tv distribution, Wi-Fi, garage access, gate access, heating control plus more.
This property was purchased by a family member of one of our good customers and friend. They purchased the property from a developer near the end of completion so the obstacle was to install a fully working smart home with minimal disruption to internal finishes.

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The Solution

The kitchen lounge area was going to be the focal point of the room like many young families nowadays so being able to simplify multiple lighting scenes and tasks was essential. Control4 does this beautifully by merging control of each device into an on screen interface on your TV’s or on your phone, touchscreen etc. Easily set the “family dinner” scene or the “entertaining” scene from the table top touchscreen and enjoy the night.

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