Smart Lighting

We’ll put you in complete control of your lighting with smart lighting solutions that help you to create that perfect ambience and element of control. Lighting is an integral part of our home and with our expertise, we can transform your space by calling on the latest lighting solutions that offer something different. We no longer have to settle for basic lighting because technology has evolved at an amazing pace and we’re there ensuring we offer our clients the latest solutions.

Fits And Finishes For Every Home

Control4 Keypads replace traditional light switches to provide stunning interfaces that combine flexible button configurations with beautiful colors and finishes that complement the decor of your home. The color of the LEDs on your keypads are also customizable and provide instant visual feedback about what lights are currently on, whether your front door is locked, or even if the garage has been left open.




Amazon Alexa on table


In areas where you would prefer not to cut open walls for cable running, wireless dimmers, switches, and keypads make for an ideal control interface. Wireless lighting is often favourable for remodel projects and can be more cost-effective than retrofitting a wired system.


Perfect for homes that are in the new-build stages or homes undergoing a remodel project, lighting wires are run to a centralized location—such as a utility closet—eliminating the need for banks of switches (“wall acne”) and, instead, replacing control of individual or sets of light fixtures with stylish and elegant keypads.


How we work

Our team works closely with each client to gain a clear understanding of the exact requirements and we seek out the latest solutions that fit those exact needs.

We are forward-thinking which means that we actively seek out the latest products that allow our clients to create perfect lighting scenes and atmosphere with ease.

We adopt the latest lighting solutions to ensure our clients create the perfect atmosphere throughout their home.

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