HDMI Distribution

With one of our 4K matrix solutions you can send 4K video content to any TVs in the property along a single cat cable.
modern bedroom with flat screen TV on wall


To save clutter in the modern home many of us try to have all the AV kit in a centralised location. One of the issues with this is sending the video signals to all the different TVs in the property. As it is not recommended to run a standard hdmi cable above 10 metres due to signal dropout and reliability, we use one of our 4K matrix solutions.
These systems work by converting signals to allow for longer distances.
Instead of using the hdmi cable we run in Cat6 cables, thus allowing us to send signals up to 100 meters.


The finished setup allows for multiple sources to be displayed on multiple tvs at any one time. In simple terms the kids could be watching cartoons in their rooms, the teenage daughter could be watching catch up on sky and the parents…. well probably just searching for something to watch. But you get my point.

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