Smart heating.

Smart Heating Installers

We install smart thermostats and heating controls for homes and businesses throughout the UK.

Smart Heating Installers.

Smart heating and cooling systems

Invest in a smart heating system that allows you to control hot water, heating and cooling. It intelligently adjusts to your lifestyle and preferences for optimal temperature control and energy savings.

We are experts in supplying and installing smart heating systems, including most smart thermostat brands. From Nest to Hive thermostats, we’ll ensure your home benefits from reliable smart heating.

We install boiler and central heating controls from top manufacturers such as Nest, Worcester and Honeywell. We also install traditional 24-hour timers and carry out maintenance and repairs.

Our heating engineers can help you choose and install the right smart thermostat for your home or business within your budget.

Smart heating controls

Control your heating through your phone, tablet or smart device and automatically adjust the temperature based on your lifestyle, habits and preferences to lower your bills.

  • Control your thermostat from anywhere via a mobile app.
  • Adapts to your habits, tailoring heating and cooling schedules to the home’s occupants.
  • Provides insights into energy usage, helping you save on costs.
  • Adjust the temperature based on your location and room occupancy.
  • Integrate with other smart devices and platforms for a truly smart home.
Smart heating.

Smart cooling

Smart cooling works with your heating system to optimise and automate cooling your home in an energy-efficient way that’s responsive to user preferences.

It seamlessly integrates with other smart home features so your home works smartly and efficiently.

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Smart thermostats

Smart thermostats make life easier by heating your smart home more efficiently, saving you money on energy bills. We collaborate with all the market-leading thermostat suppliers to provide the latest smart thermostats.

Nest learning thermostat

Nest thermostats are at the forefront of smart heating systems, offering a sleek design and ease of use. Their energy-saving features have set a new standard in home automation.

Hive thermostat

The Hive Active Heating thermostat gives you heating and hot water control. Adjust settings, set schedules, and receive notifications.

Tado thermostat

Tado smart thermostat connects to your boiler or underfloor heating to offer precise control over heating and cooling.

Bosch EasyControl thermostat

Bosch EasyControl thermostats use predictive algorithms to learn your daily routines and allow you to control your central heating system wherever you are.

Honeywell T5 thermostat

Honeywell T5 thermostats use auto home and away modes to maximise comfort at home and save energy when away.

Wiser smart thermostat

A Wiser thermostat looks good with quick, hassle-free installation and integrates seamlessly into your home heating system.

What is a smart thermostat?

A smart thermostat regulates your home’s heating and cooling systems better than traditional thermostats.

Never heat an empty home. You can control your home’s heating remotely from your phone or tablet, adjust the temperature on warmer days, or even turn it off when there’s no one at home.

You can also adjust the settings via the smart thermostat installed on your wall or by voice via a smart assistant like Google Home or Alexa.

Smart thermostats work by connecting to temperature sensors throughout your home, so you’ll always have the perfect climate, no matter which room you’re in.

Algorithms learn your preferences and schedule, automatically adjusting the settings for you.

Does a smart thermostat save money?

According to the Energy Saving Trust, heating and hot water make up over 50% of a household’s energy bills.

Smart thermostats learn a household’s schedule and adjust the heating to precise temperatures. For example, if no one is in the house, it can turn the heating off or down, reducing unnecessary energy use.

You can also use your phone to remotely control your heating preferences, saving you money on your heating bills.

Additionally, you can enhance cost savings by adding smart radiator valves and smart appliances like washing machines and dryers.

The potential savings are even higher when combined with the most efficient new gas boilers on the market.

Heard enough? Book an expert smart thermostat installation today.


Benefits of a smart thermostat

Smart home thermostats offer numerous benefits, leading to a more comfortable and eco-friendly home.

  • Total control wherever you are
  • Works with most central heating systems
  • Control individual room temperatures
  • Learns your habits, preferences and schedule to adjust heating automatically
  • Turn it off when you’re out
  • Save money, track your consumption and lower your carbon footprint
  • Easy installation

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