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Make your home more efficient and your life easier with smart home technology.

Smart home system.

How does smart home technology work?

Smart homes are connected devices that work together to carry out tasks and help around your home, from thermostats and lights to cameras, smart locks, and plugs.

Smart devices can be controlled remotely and automated based on a schedule or event, making our homes more comfortable and efficient, saving us time and money.

You can use your phone or tablet to check and control your smart home anywhere. Turn off the heating when you’re out, or use smart security cameras to monitor your home from your phone.

Smart home technology offers peace of mind, simplifies your daily routine and makes life easier.

Smart home and home automation installers

We are smart home installers specialising in smart home installations with minimal disruption.

We can help with many smart home solutions, from locks, cameras and alarms to audio-visual, lighting and heating.

Whether it’s a new build smart home or an existing home, let us design a smart home automation system tailored to your house size, needs and budget.

We supply and install all types of smart devices, from smart thermostats to home security systems.

Our services offer a comprehensive turnkey solution that includes design, construction, smart technology, interior design and furniture.

We collaborate with architects, interior designers, electricians and developers to deliver exceptional results for customers across the UK.

Contact us today for a quote or to learn more about how we can help you with your smart home project.

Smart home and home automation installers.

Home automation

Smart home automation involves multiple smart home devices working together to simplify tasks around the house.

For example, lighting and heating can adjust on a schedule or cameras and locks can react when your presence is detected.

All the devices and appliances in your home can be controlled from one central point using your smartphone or tablet.

Smart home lock automation.

Smart home features

Let’s look at some intelligent features our professional installers can add to your smart home.

Smart heating

A smart thermostat automatically adjusts heating and cooling based on your schedule, time of day or room occupancy. You can also remotely control it by using your voice or an app.

Smart heating systems learn your habits and preferences to adjust heating and air conditioning accordingly.

They also provide insights into your energy usage to help you reduce your carbon footprint and save on your energy bills.

Smart lighting

When you install smart home lighting, you can make your house more efficient and look beautiful.

Take complete control of your lighting via touch, voice commands or automation, making your home comfortable and efficient.

Automatically turn lights on and off, set morning and night routines, create custom lighting scenes for specific activities, and synchronise with smart blinds to enhance the mood.

Everything is integrated into your existing lighting setup and controlled via voice control, smartphones, tablets, touchscreens, remote controls or switches.

Smart blinds

Control your blinds wirelessly with the touch of a button as part of your home automation system.

Make blinds open in the morning to gently wake you up with natural sunlight, or control blinds in hard-to-reach places using an app or with your voice.

Smart audio and video

Our audio-visual systems deliver outstanding audio and video while blending seamlessly with your home’s aesthetics.

Enjoy music and access multiple Sky channels and streaming services in high-definition with just one touch.

Smart security

Home security is a critical element of your smart home automation system. Smart security systems can detect unusual activity and trigger an immediate response.

Combine CCTV, alarms, sensors, locks, intercoms, electric gates, lighting, blinds and other smart devices so they can work together to create a unified intelligent security system.

Detect activity around your home, record these movements and receive real-time notifications.

Use preset routines to simulate occupancy by turning on the TV, playing music, switching on lights, and activating smart shades.

Home connectivity

For your smart home system to function correctly, it is essential to have a consistent and dependable internet connection that covers the entire house.

We offer fast and reliable Wi-Fi solutions that eliminate dead spots. Our managed solutions allow you to move around your home while maintaining a strong connection.

Control4 home automation.

Authorised Control4 dealer

As an Authorized Control4 dealer, we possess the expertise to deliver and integrate cutting-edge smart home solutions from Control4 with precision and excellence.

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