Home cinema installations. We have design and install home cinemas throughout the UK.

Home Cinema Installations

Indulge in the ultimate cinematic experience with a luxury home cinema room in your own home.

Home cinema room installation

Going to the cinema can be a magical experience, but a home cinema is another entirely. It’s an exceptional way to experience your favourite movies, TV shows, streaming, and gaming on the big screen in the comfort of your own living space.

Luxury home cinema installers

Experience the luxury of a bespoke home cinema room that your whole family will love.

Whether it’s a cinema room in a loft, basement, spare room or garage conversion, we can bring your home cinema project to life. We undertake home cinema installation projects of varying sizes, catering to a wide range of budgets.

We have designed and installed home cinemas and media rooms throughout the UK. Using state-of-the-art technology, immersive audio, cinematic lighting, acoustic panels and comfortable seating, our bespoke home cinema systems provide a truly immersive experience.

Home cinema rooms

Let’s transform your space into the perfect venue for watching films. We can collaborate with interior designers, architects and contractors to design and install your dream home theatre system.

Media rooms

Create an immersive experience with a media room that combines luxurious comfort and cutting-edge technology that acts as a media hub or brings a new dimension to an existing TV room or space.

Garden rooms

Create an outdoor garden room with LED lighting, deck-mounted surround sound speakers, and a waterproof projector projecting onto a 100-inch outdoor screen for movies or gaming.

Premium bespoke home cinema installation

As a leading home cinema company, our team has over twenty years of experience crafting beautiful, luxurious, cutting-edge home cinemas and media rooms that captivate the imagination and add value to your life.

Often, home cinemas require creative, individually tailored solutions. We offer clients a complete turn-key solution, encompassing the whole process, including bespoke design, construction, interior, furniture, audio-visual equipment, lighting and soundproofing.

The result is a completely unique and personalised home cinema installation that is truly unforgettable.

Home cinema installations. We have design and install home cinemas throughout the UK.

The best home cinemas

Movies are works of art that aim to provide a rich theatrical experience through art direction, cinematography, visual effects and sound.

To bring the film director’s vision to life, they should be viewed where every detail can be appreciated and enjoyed to the fullest. Our home cinemas use the best equipment to deliver the ultimate cinematic experience.

Home cinema design

The key to designing a home cinema is finding the right blend of technology, furnishings and aesthetics to deliver a richer experience.

Our design process carefully considers audio-visual components, acoustics, seating, lighting and decor to help you create a fully bespoke system that suits your room type, room size, requirements, and budget.

Smart home technology integration allows for seamless audio, video, and lighting control, providing a user-friendly experience.

Good home theatre design transforms any space into a private sanctuary, offering an immersive escape from the real world.

Home cinema speakers

A high-quality sound system is required to experience audio precisely as the film studio intended.

Strategically positioned speakers surrounding the listener and acoustic treatments can enhance the audio quality and the depth and richness of the sound produced.

The experience is further improved with Dolby Atmos surround sound, which can realistically move sounds around your home theatre.

Home cinema screens and projectors

Immerse yourself in the magic of cinema with the latest visual technology to create a truly luxurious experience.

To fully appreciate the visuals of modern films, home theatre systems require a large, high-quality screen or projector to output bright colour, depth and movement.

Our state-of-the-art 8K laser projectors offer an authentic cinema experience, while our screens offer various screen sizes and resolutions to suit any project.

Home cinema lighting

Home cinemas use lighting to set the mood, just like in a real movie theatre.

Good lighting not only serves practical purposes but also complements and reinforces movie scenes to tell a better story.

Home cinema star ceiling

Effortlessly customise your viewing environment by activating a mesmerising star ceiling.

Set the mood with various LED light effects, all with a simple touch on the dedicated touchscreen.

Home cinema seating

Relax in a home cinema seat or sofa in the comfort of your own home while watching your favourite movie.

With an ergonomic design and customisable configurations, our luxury cinema seats offer unparalleled comfort, padded with a luxurious range of leathers or fabrics.

Add USB charging, cup holders, reclining options, and ambient lighting to further add to the immersive cinematic atmosphere.

Home cinema acoustics

Home cinemas can’t compromise on sound quality. Rooms with poor sound absorption create echoes that blend audio channels.

In addition to making your room look like an authentic cinema, we can add acoustic panels, fabrics and wall treatments to enhance the room’s acoustics, ensuring your space is soundproofed and creating the ambience of a real cinema.


What is a home cinema?

A home cinema is a dedicated room for watching movies and other content on a large projector screen.

What is the difference between a home cinema and a media room?

Home cinema rooms use professional home cinema systems exclusively for movies, TV shows, streaming, and gaming. A media room is a versatile space in your home where you can enjoy various entertainment like movies, gaming, and music in a comfortable and relaxed setting.

How much will a home cinema cost?

The starting cost for a home cinema room can vary depending on the equipment and requirements but typically begins around £25,000.

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We install home automation and entertainment solutions throughout the UK.

“Gary and the team fully designed and installed our Control4 smart home system and dedicated cinema room. They took full control of the project for us , and to be honest the end results were more than what we expected. We researched this for some time before finally deciding to go with GW Smart Homes and so glad we did because we love it!”

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