Smart Home Security and Automation

Protect your home with smart security systems that detect unusual activity and trigger an immediate response.

Smart home security systems

A smart home security system can detect and respond to intruders, regardless of whether you’re home or not, adding a robust layer of protection to your home.

It creates a smart network that connects security alarms, CCTV, motion sensors, door and window sensors, smart locks, entry systems, lighting control, automated blinds and other smart devices to enhance the safety of your home.

What is a smart security system?

Unlike traditional security systems, smart security systems let you monitor your home using an app, mounted touchscreens or voice commands. You’ll receive real-time alerts when there’s an intruder or a potential problem.

Enhance security with integrated video surveillance cameras, sensors and locks, with controls that are easy to use.

You can connect with other devices to perform automated tasks, instructing them to carry out specific actions when certain events occur.

Smart home security system installers

We are home security installation experts. Our unique and personalised smart security installations provide an unparalleled level of home safety.

Our team can create a bespoke, fully managed home security solution for your home or business within your budget and needs.

We conduct a comprehensive property survey, allowing us to understand your requirements while also allowing us to highlight potential risks.

We install all systems with minimum disruption. We offer a complete walk-through, enabling you to understand how everything works.

Smart security system features

Our smart home security systems have many unique features.

Smart home automation

Set up personalised routines based on your movements and habits for effective automation that keeps your home safe.

Experience a seamless integration of smart home devices like smart alarms, smoke alarms, locks, sensors, thermostats and lighting.

Smart home automation systems use geofencing to pinpoint your location and tell devices if you are home or away. By doing so, the system can adjust your schedule.

Use preset routines to turn on the TV, play music, switch on lights, and activate shutters so it looks like there’s always someone home. Synchronise smart shades and blinds for privacy and security.

Smart security system.

Doorbell cameras

Doorbell cameras let you see and speak with visitors even when you’re away from home. These can be connected to dedicated displays around your home.

Smart home security camera.

Security cameras

Smart weather-resistant cameras utilise video analytics to provide real-time motion detection, facial recognition and integration with other smart home technology.

Cloud storage provides a timeline of home activity that you can review at any time.

Get alerts for specific activities sent to your phone, smart device or hub, providing peace of mind wherever you may be.

Smart security cameras.

Smart lighting

Smart lighting can give the impression that you are at home even when you are away, thus discouraging potential intruders and enhancing the security of your home.

Control your lights remotely, set morning and night lighting routines or activate custom lighting scenes if something happens. For example, if an alarm goes off, you could flash all the lights to alert neighbours and passers that something is wrong.

While you’re away, automated lighting can simulate your usual routine, making it appear as if someone is home.

Lighting can be controlled through various methods, including voice control, smartphones, tablets, touchscreens, wall panels, remote controls, and switches.

Smart home security camera.

Security lighting

Security lighting can be combined with motion detection, home automation, and live streaming.

Door entry security systems

Wall-mounted touch screens can control doors and gates and show camera feeds. Talk to visitors at your door and remotely unlock the door wherever you are.

Remote entry can be a convenient way to provide access for friends, family and deliveries. It can also be useful for a cleaner, handyperson or gardener.

Smart home security system installers.

Remote access

Homeowners can instantly monitor their property from anywhere and be alerted to potential issues via an app.

Smart home lock automation.

Always armed

A traditional alarm system must be armed to work, but smart alarm systems are always on.

A smart system can monitor tangible activity instead of just watching doors and windows. If it sees something strange, it can alert you.

When a fire or break-in is detected, you’ll receive a call to alert you, and the relevant authorities will be notified.

Presence simulation

One of the most effective ways to protect against burglary is with presence simulation. This makes your lights and smart blinds mimic your regular routine, making it seem like someone is home.

Smoke, gas and flood detection

Detect fires, gas leaks or floods and be notified by your security and alarm system.

Voice control

Carry out tasks with voice commands, such as “lock the doors”.

Smart voice control.

Third-party monitoring

Third-party monitoring means somebody else is always watching on your behalf.


Smart home technology, such as cameras and sensors, is easy to move around, and devices are modular, meaning you can easily add new devices to the system.

We install smart security systems throughout the UK

We are a team of experts specialising in installing state-of-the-art smart security systems.

We understand the unique security challenges each property faces. As luxury home smart technology specialists, we can help you upgrade your security and protect your home.

We collaborate with architects, interior designers, and developers to produce exceptional residential and commercial projects across the UK.

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