Smart home network installation throughout the UK.

Smart Home Network Installation

Dedicated Wi-Fi and wired networks for all the devices in your smart home.

Smart home wireless network.

Smart home Wi-Fi solutions

Many of us are choosing to spend more time at home, whether for remote work, entertainment, home exercise, or saving money.

Your entire family depends on the internet for both entertainment and functionality. Our dependence on smart home devices is only growing, so you need a reliable home network.

We design, install and support smart home networks that meet your overall needs and budget.

Smart home network installation services

Your home needs a fast, reliable Internet connection to handle all your devices, such as smart lights, smart TVs and cameras.

As experts in smart home solutions and home network installation, we can set up wired and wireless networks tailored to your needs.

We offer a variety of networking solutions, from single RJ45 connections to complete distribution of cabling and connection points throughout your property.

During the design and construction process, we consider the size of the building, network usage, interior design and other factors to strike a balance between aesthetics and practicalities.

Our smart home network installers have vast experience setting up home networks that offer life-changing, true smart home connectivity.

Wired network services.

Choosing a wired or wireless network

A consistent and reliable internet connection that covers the entire house is essential for your smart home system to function correctly.

Home networks can be wired, wireless or a combination of both. Wired networks use cables, while wireless networks work over the air using Wi-Fi.

Image of a router.

Wi-Fi installation

Our team can install a secure and reliable Wi-Fi network throughout your property, which you can manage anytime via your smartphone.

Our team of experts can assist with Wi-Fi issues, including distribution, signal strength, and coverage extension.

We can also install Wi-Fi, wired internet, and audio-visual systems in garden offices and outbuildings.

Mesh Wi-Fi

If your Wi-Fi signal keeps dropping or you’re losing connection when you move between rooms, we can set up a mesh Wi-Fi network to ensure a consistent connection throughout your home.

Mesh Wi-Fi extends your Wi-Fi coverage by using multiple access points to create internet hotspots throughout your home.

Our team can install these access points to improve Wi-Fi coverage for all your wireless devices.

Keep all your devices connected securely.

Network security

Smart devices such as locks, cameras and security systems can be hacked if you do not have adequate security measures in place to protect your wireless home network.

For instance, a hacker could access your smart lock and unlock your doors remotely or hack your security camera and watch your every move. This can leave your home vulnerable to burglary and other potential threats.

To avoid such scenarios, we’ll help you secure your network by installing the necessary software and hardware and keeping your firmware and software updated to prevent potential vulnerabilities.

Wired network solutions

A wired network connection can be faster and more stable, allowing you to directly connect devices, such as TVs, computers, and printers.

We offer reliable indoor and outdoor ethernet cable installation services for residential and business needs, ensuring high-bandwidth connections at gigabit speeds.

Commercial network installation

As experts in all aspects of data networks, we can implement data networks for your business.

Whether it’s an entire network or just an access point, we can offer a variety of networking solutions to help your business succeed.

Commercial network installation by our ethernet cable installers.

Luxury smart home installers

In addition to home network installation services, we specialise in installing luxury smart home technology, including media rooms, home cinemas, smart lighting, and heating.

We provide a complete turnkey solution, including design, construction, networking, custom interiors, furniture, audio-visual equipment, lighting and soundproofing.

We can customise a system to fit your home’s size, requirements, and budget.

We work closely with architects, interior designers, and developers to deliver exceptional results for clients throughout the UK.

Learn more about our smart home systems or contact our team to see how we can help you.

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